Poem for the beloved

Created by: Otoy aka Pak Tir on 11-11-08  14.30 …some of work pappers was left behind because of these

As of an embrace I’ve arrived
toward other I push
Rushing up for the heavens
Shackles of destiny
Possess an ardor advance
I’ll escort you again when I mean

High as one we are pleased
Whirlwinds of passion we carried
Fate brought us the
lust and passion
Sheltered with breath and our sweat

Adored await me
My means ride fast
Proving not my ride’s be last
Burden my steed as I sip your ale
Bow flesh and liquor exist

O…beloved I await thee
Your true love am I
I please you now as I live
I pledge you my mace and
to no lady I kneel
Ours is undying envy



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